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  • Illustration by Sarah J. Coleman: creative work for books, ads, walls, music, print & film

    Books Everything Else Illustrated Books Classics Middle Grade Books Sci-fi & Fantasy Biographies Non-fiction Young Adult Books Horror & Supernatural Novels New Poetry Audiobooks All Fiction Advertising Editorial Logos Music Motion Packaging & Design Film, TV & Games Walls & Outdoors Museum/Experiential Personal Work Health & Wellness Tattoos Art & Gallery Projects

  • Inkymole | Illustration & Lettering by Sarah J. Coleman

    with a pseudonym that evolved before I’d left school. I create words and pictures - and ink and pixels are my weapons of choice! With a handsome roster of clients in advertising, design and music, and working for every major publisher in the UK and US, I’ve had solo exhibitions both sides of the Atlantic while delving into myriad extra-curricular projects. Eve_Confidence_Painterly Eve_Confidence_Painterly 1/17 It's always delightful to work with Sarah Coleman . We've commissioned her ebullient illustrations on several projects now, and her creativity, professionalism and delivery have exceeded expectations every time. - Jackie Burrell, Bay Area News Group Sarah is a delight to work with . Her enthusiasm, experience and pure talent make her the consummate professional. She consistently goes above and beyond what we ask of her; I am often surprised by unexpected extra touches in her work. In addition to an incredible final result, you can expect flexibility, good communication, and genuine passion. She really loves what she does...and it shows! ~ Sally Morgridge, Snr. Editor, Holiday House Books ​ Watch my Adobe Live Classes The 2022 Inkvent Project My latest creepy book: 'Only If You Dare' New film work Present ideas at the Inkymole Shop PORTFOLIOS

  • Young Adult | Inkymole

    Back Young Adult Books I've illustrated a lot of books for young adult readers, and it's one of my favourites genres to work on.

  • Health & Wellness | Inkymole

    Back Health, Wellness & Medicine I've worked with clients in the worlds of health and wellness for more than 20 years, and love a scientific and medical challenge. For legal and contractual reasons this page shows only a tiny percentage of my pharmaceutical work to date, so if you want to see more, get in touch.

  • Music | Inkymole

    Back Music I've been involved creatively in music all my life, from the violins, organs and piano as a child to the album covers and radio work of today. Here's some of my music-related work.

  • About | Inkymole

    My work is shot through with a vivid inky thread of conversational energy, detail and movement, whether or not words are part of the image. Organic and idiosyncratic, my work’s inspired by the penmanship of a more elegant era, but with a muscular grasp of experimentation and a healthy distrust of the rules. An early pioneer of hand-drawn type and 'lettering as image', ink runs through my veins, with equal love for pixel-only creations, live art, big walls, logos, sculpture, built objects, wearable pieces - and hundreds of book covers. Frequently Asked (real) Questions I've had the tremendous pleasure of working with Sarah Coleman on a number of occasions over the last few years and she never ceases being impressive, and a whole lot of fun to work with. Not only is she super-talented and highly-skilled, but it seems that her diversity of projects knows absolutely no bounds—even having known her for a good few years now, there is always more to discover with her various undertakings. Sarah could be summed up easily as either incredible or amazing; both would apply to her. ~ Tony Harmer, The Design Ninja / Adobe I've spent a lifetime immersed in words, with hundreds of book projects to my name. I spend my days illustrating, blogging, reading, talking in schools and colleges, and in an ongoing series of extra-curricular ventures with my partner Leigh including, over the years, a chocolate enterprise, pop-up restaurant, vinyl accessories company, gallery, record label and wedding stationery company - and two busy little shops . When I'm not doing all that, you can find me throwing iron around in the gym, greedily taking in ghost stories or looking after our fleet of unusual Japanese cars (look for @inkymolesmotors on Instagram). And following a not-so-secret past in pirate radio, I love doing radio! Working with Sarah has been the favourite professional collaboration of my career. She is the best kind of professional—talented, diligent, and always cheery. Sarah has illustrated twenty-six of my stories, and for each of them—each of them!—she’s managed to craft an illustration that makes my story look even better than it did at the start. I love working with Sarah because her work does what every writer hopes an illustrator’s work will do—it lifts my work. Every time. ​ ~ Josh Allen, Author Working with Sarah is always a pleasure. An immensely creative artist, she consistently reaches for new heights and is continually innovating and expanding her visual vocabulary, which brings new energy and knowledge to each project. Looking forward to our next collaboration. - Laura Williams, Art Director, Algonquin Young Readers

  • Contact | Inkymole +44 (0) 7941 279374 If you’re in the USA and would rather talk to my agent about working together, please email Matthew or Chase at Bernstein Andriulli . They’re my New York-based management agency, and they look after all my North American work. For enquiries about illustrating children's, young adult and middle grade books , get in touch with my literary agent Megan Carroll at Watson, Little . Megan represents me on a worldwide basis so she will look after you, wherever you are! I have to be really selective about what personal projects I choose to do (wedding invites, tattoos and so on) because as the old saying doesn’t go, ' The Spirit Is Willing But The Schedule Probably Won’t Allow It’. Do ask , though; if I can, and I’d like to, I will. I’ve put together answers here to some of the questions I get asked by email/social media, so check these out before you email. I'll answer any email you send me, but it’ll be when I can fit it in, which might mean you don’t get a reply straight away. I do expect a thank you (you’d be surprised how many don’t say thanks!) and a copy of whatever easy/project I’ve helped contribute to. I’d love to see it. If you’re thinking of featuring my work (or me and my work) in your magazine or blog, I can oblige! I’m always happy to contribute if I like the publication, whether printed or online. Just contact me direct . If you just want to feature some of work without interview, please ask before doing so, and always, always credit the work properly. If in doubt, ask. If you need mugshots, you can use any of these - and I can send hi-res should you need them. ​

  • Online Tutorials | Inkymole

    Online Tutorials December 2022 Adobe Live with Sarah Coleman: Christmas Wrapping Paper Mid-century inspired brushwork giftwrap - done digitally Inspired by my own brush pen illustrations and the fantastic mid-century explosion of bold design and colour in textiles and paper goods, I make a repeat pattern entirely in Photoshop. In this session I include: ​ - drawing with Kyle Webster's brushes, to simulate my 'IRL' pens - research into specific design eras - layering up - repeat patters 'the long-hand way' ​ ​ September 22nd, 2021 Adobe Live Book Club with Sarah Coleman: Historic Eras Only If You Dare - 1963-style! In Part II of the Historical Eras series, I created a cover for a book I've done in real life - but I went back in time to be inspired by the textiles, wallpapers and book designs of the early 60s! In this session I include: ​ - drawing with Kyle Webster's brushes, to simulate my 'IRL' pens - research into specific book design eras - layering up - using Adobe Stock to create paper backgrounds ​ See the finished cover September 15th, 2021 Adobe Live Book Club with Sarah Coleman: Historic Eras DRACULA! Looking at historic styles and periods in book design, I create a cover for Bram Stoker's Dracula which pays homage to the ornate, beautiful cloth and leather-bound editions of the late 1800s and early 1900s. In this session I include: ​ - drawing with the symmetry tool - simulating a 6mm parallel ink pen - gothic lettering from scratch - deploying Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts - historic and geographical inspirations - making marbled endpapers, 100% digitally! See the finished cover Adobe Masterclass with Sarah Coleman FAN ART! 'Dark': The Novel In a 'Brush'-centric special I created this bit of fan art: the book of the Netflix series Dark. In this session I include: - setting up a template for a real book cover - drawing with the symmetry tool - time-lapses of ink creation - integrating organic hand-made elements - using layer styles to create atmosphere - making and tweaking bespoke brushes and their settings - synthesising analogue fountain and other pens with digital brushes May 12th, 2021 See the finished cover Adobe Live Book Club x Sarah Coleman Creating a book cover in an hour - from scratch, using ink elements and Photoshop, chosen by last week’s audience. In this session I integrate: ​ - using layer styles to create textures - adding scruffy hand-lettering via vectorisation - using Kyle Webster’s brushes - using the content-aware tool - Enjoy the session! ‘A Scanner Darkly’ by Philip K. Dick October 2020 See the finished cover Adobe Live Book Club x Sarah Coleman The Fall of the House of Usher’ by Edgar Allen Poe Each session starts with a look at previous versions of the cover, and for this one there are many. In this session I do the front and the back of this cover, suggested by last week’s audience This session includes: ​ - choosing and using licenced Adobe Stock - layers tyles and textures - using the mirror drawing tool to create a symmetrical image - making my own brushes from original art - layer discipline and modifying brushes October 2020 See the finished cover Adobe Live Book Club x Sarah Coleman ‘The Institute’ by Stephen King Creating a book cover in an hour - from scratch! The first of four the sessions saw me create a book cover from scratch using sketches, ink elements and Photoshop. I n this session I include: - setting up a template for a real book cover - a brief look into my workflow - time-lapses of ink creation - integrating organic hand-made elements - using layer styles to create atmosphere September 2020 See the finished cover ‘The Omen’ (novelisation of the film) Adobe Live Book Club x Sarah Coleman This was never actually a book - it was a film first, which was novelised later, and thus had no real ‘cover’ precedent. I wanted to get away from the cliches that have gathered around ‘The Omen’ In this one I demonstrate the creation of a very organic woodcut-inspired look: Along the way I look at: ​ - Kyle’s pencil, fountain pen and chalk brushes - creating brushes from a Photoshop sketch - why I ‘colour in’ rather than ‘fill’ - ‘dialing down’ on the sophistication - and we discuss the real identity of the Antichrist! November 2020 See the finished cover

  • Radio | Inkymole

    Radio & Broadcast Work I love radio as a medium both to listen to and be part of. With a background in the burgeoning pirate radio scene of the 90s and 00s, DJing, co-ordinating guest artists, recording interviews and of course the creative stuff, I’ve retained a life-long love of the unpredictable journey that is radio, tuning into stations around the world. I remain involved in radio wherever possible, contributing articles and doing interviews as a guest. BBC Radio I’m a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to BBC Radio Leicester, providing interviews and mini-guest slots on topical, creatively-themed subjects. You can listen to all my shows at Altar Ego Radio Over four bank holiday sessions, Altar Ego broadcast both on FM and online for 4 continuous days, playing the gamut of musical genres with a dizzying 24-hour schedule of back-to-back guest DJS. A massive technical and creative group effort, it wasn’t without its challenges and adventures! This is what we did. Pirate Radio Me, my partner, a school chum and a small team of enthusiastic and dedicated music lovers ran a tiny but far-reaching FM pirate radio station from assorted tower blocks and flats for many years; an unexpected boot camp for myriad practical, organisational, creative and people skills. We were recently interviewed about our experience with pirate radio. You can listen to Part One of the story of pirate radio on the Bureau of Lost Culture by Stephen Coates , with Jonathan More of Coldcut. We're the subject of Part Two, coming soon. ​

  • Illustrated Books | Inkymole

    Back Illustrated Books Books I've illustrated throughout, of all kinds. Only If You Dare 13 Tales of Darkness and Doom Josh Allen & Sarah Coleman 2021 A dream come true AGAIN? Coming August 2021 is the follow-up to Only If You Dare - 13 more tales of darkness and doom! And of course...another glow in the dark cover and 13 more black and white illustrations. Published by Holiday House Books, USA, and available to pre-order wherever you get your books. Pre-order here - and qualify for spooky swag: UK pre-orders US pre-orders Peer inside the book Out To Get You 13 Tales of Weirdness and Woe Josh Allen & Sarah Coleman 2019 A dream come true? I created a glow-in-the-dark cover and thirteen murky monochrome illustrations for this collection of horror stories, written or middle grade readers by new author Josh Allen. A Junior Library Guild selection. Published by Holiday House Books, USA. ...dare you look inside? DREAM BIG! Abigail Harrison aka Astronaut Abby 2021 This fabulous book is fully illustrated throughout with my pen and ink drawings, its cast of cheerful and diverse characters guiding the reader through Abby's step-by-step plan to help you REACH FOR YOUR STARS! Published by Philomel Books, USA. See some of the illustrations here You Will Be Found Benj Pasek & Justin Paul 2020 The book of the massive hit song from the Broadway/West End musical 'Dear Evan Hansen', which found a cult following and went viral. I illustrated every line in ink-soaked double page spreads. Published by Little, Brown, NYC See inside the book Walking Each Other Home Ram Dass & Mirabai Bush 2018 A beautiful musing on death and the approach to it, with full-page illustrations. It's written by one of the world's most eminent spiritual teachers, psychologists and writers, Ram Dass, author of the bestselling 'Be Here Now'. It was extremely honoured to be asked to make the illustrations for this lovely book. Published by Soundstrue, USA ​ The full illustrations are here Take Me With You Andrea Gibson 2018 I'd been a fan of poet Andrea for a long time - we've collaborated before, and my partner is tour driver for them - when the invitation came in to illustrated their book. I couldn't say yes fast enough! I created around 80 pen-and-ink illustrations for this pocket-sized collection of 'words to get you through. Published by Penguin Randomhouse, USA ​ All of the illustrations can be seen here The Family Project Jean-Paul Flintoff & Harriet Green 2015 A creative handbook for anyone who wants to discover their family story - but doesn't know where to start. One of the most chill/organic sets of illustrations I've ever done, I was able to deploy characters, ink splats, expressive type and even GOATS. Published by faber & Faber/Guardian Books The illustrations (goat and all) are here The Prince of Mist Carlos Ruiz Zafón 2010 Ruiz Zafón passed away in June 2020 (a year ago to the day I type this!) and I still feel privileged to have made artwork for him. He remains the most widely published Spanish author. Published by Orion Books ​ See inside The Family Dinner Laurie David 2011 Eating, cooking and being together as a family - whatever shape that is! Laurie David's lovely, lively book on eating together as a family was a joy to illustrate throughout, with myriad colourful pen and ink drawings. It had a foreword by Jonathan Safran Foer, whose words I also illustrated for US restaurant chain Chipotle. Published by Grand Central Publishing ​ Feast your eyes on the illustrations! Pulp Kitchen Fergus O'Sullivan 2011 Go ahead, punk. Make my dinner. Have you ever been tempted to fry someone's liver with fava beans and a nice chianti? Or to try 'what she's having' in When Harry Met Sally? ​ Food and film writer Feargus O'Sullivan takes a tour of weird and wonderful cinematic cuisine, providing a menu for more than a dozen different movie nights, from Musicals, Horror Movies and Gangster Flicks to Bond Films as well as more risqué fare. Peppered (ho ho) with pen and ink illustrations throughout, it's published by Pan Macmillan. ​ See the full menu of illustrations The Queen's Hinglish Baljinder K. Mahal 2009 My word these illustrations were fun! Some of the best-loved and most familiar Hinglish terms—including "chuddies" (underwear) and "badmash" (naughty)—designed to orient the newcomer to the language. Packed with intriguing facts and stories and illustrated throughout with vibrantly-coloured ink on paper illustrations, this "pukka" (first class) reference to the newest iteration of English will charm and delight language-lovers. Published by Harpercollins UK ​ Do make sure you check out the inside!

  • Process | Inkymole

    Process Watch how it's made! Time-lapses, stop-motion and films showing how the work is made - whether analogue or digital, alone or with helpers. I offer documentation of the creation process for clients as part of the job - ask if this is something you're interested in. There are many more of these little films on my Vimeo channel.

  • All Clients | Illustration by Sarah J Coleman

    A non-exhaustive list of my clients to date. Book clients are at the bottom of the page. ADVERTISING Abelson Taylor Adam & Eve Addison Advertex Communications AMV BBDO Antidote Mother Arc USA Arne New York Atomic London ATTIK Bartle Bogle Hegarty BBDO Worldwide Cadbury’s Campbell Ewald Carrefour Cementbloc CHI & Partners DDB Doberman Draft FCB Droga5 Fabrik Fast Horse Euro RSCG Harrison & Star Havas Worldwide Hudson Rouge HZDG R/GA RKCR/ Y&R FCB McCann Erickson Nitro TBWA\London TBWA\Manchester Mother Ogilvy One Marketing Grey Worldwide Prodigious Proximity London Publicis Grupo Gallegos Grey Worldwide Irish International Isobel Ketchum Fox Kalomaski Crossing Fresh Inc. Fuel Marketing Landor Associates Leo Burnett NY Leo Burnett London Leo Burnett France Lowe Worldwide Sudler & Hennessy Saatchi & Saatchi NY Spot NYC VMLYR WCRS Wunderman WWAV Rapp Collins .............................................. EDITORIAL ​ Bay Area News Group, CA Big Issue EMAP Future Publishing The Observer New York Times Decanter Magazine LA Times Radio Times Rachael Ray Magazine Sight & Sound Magazine Woman’s Health Immediate Media You Magazine The Guardian Stylist Magazine Sunday Telegraph Sunday Times Magazine Kiplinger’s Magazine Glamour Magazine Papperlappap Sight & Sound Magazine The Telegraph The Times TV Times Time Out London Time Out New York Nature Magazine New Scientist Wall Street Journal Wardour Communications Washington Post Woman’s Health Playboy Rachael Ray Magazine Vogue UK .............................................. MUSEUM & HISTORICAL Seven Stories (The National Centre for Children's Books) National Trust National Trust for Scotland Natural History Museum Royal Shakespeare Company King Richard III Visitor Centre Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Robert Burns Museum, Alloway Royal Horticultural Society .............................................. FINANCIAL Natwest Bank PNC Bank London Stock Exchange Ernst & Young .............................................. DESIGN Briggs Hillier Saatchi & Saatchi NY The Bridge Design Bridge Seven Stories Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Silk Pearce Story Studio MB Studio LR Parker Williams Newenglish Parker Williams Taxi Studio Point Five Design Zip Design Ratcliffe Fowler Premm Design .............................................. AUTOMOTIVE ​ Renault F1 Peugeot Lincoln Motor Company Scion .............................................. RETAIL Asda Booths Supermarkets Carrefour Co-op UK Target Macy's Sainsbury's Waitrose Lidl Aldi Marks & Spencer Tesco Morrison's ------------------------------------- PHARMACEUTICAL Saatchi Wellness Philanthropy Campbell Ewald Digitas Health Klick Health Inventiv Health NEON NYC Droga5 Hogarth Worldwide .............................................. OTHER THINGS Southern Poverty Law Centre Twisted Tree Games ​ Royal Mail Royal Mile Whiskies .............................................. BRANDS ​ Apple Avon Adobe BareMinerals BP Cadbury’s Cocoa Amore Coca-Cola Crabtree & Evelyn Crayola Chipotle Diamine Inks Founders Beers Glastonbury Festival Jet2 Airlines Kelloggs Kiehl's Starbucks Nestlé McDonalds Peter Graham Wines Tiffany DeBeers Unilever United Airlines .............................................. MUSIC & PERFORMANCE ​ Andrea Gibson B.Dolan Buddy Wakefield Sage Francis Katie Wirsing Rodin/2econd Class Citizen Superstar Quamallah Epitaph Records Strange Famous Records Sony .............................................. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Boston University New York University Johns Hopkins University .............................................. FILM & TELEVISION Directors - Aitch Alberto - Ken Loach - Julian Jarrold - Buddy Wakefield BBC Big Swing Productions/Limelight Channel 4 Creative Partnership VH1 .............................................. Book Publishing Clients Book Publishing Algonquin Books Andersen Press Angry Robot Books Bloomsbury Publishing Candlewick Press Canongate Books Chicken House Clarion Books Crown Publishing Del Rey Disney-Hyperion Doubleday Ebury Publishing Egmont Publishing Faber & Faber Farrar, Strauss & Giroux Folio Society Grand Central Publishing Hachette Harlequin Books Harpercollins Hinkler Books Australia Holiday House Books Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Isis Publishing Little, Brown Little Island Books Laurence King Macmillan Publishing Mills & Boon Orion Books Pan Macmillan Penguin Books Penguin RandomHouse Picador Publicis Puffin Books Quarto Publishing Random House Scholastic Simon & Schuster Skyhorse Publishing Soho Press St. Martin’s Press Sourcebooks Summersdale Publishing Templar Publishing Tor Books Transworld Usborne Walker Books

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