Special Projects

Outside of commissioned and commercial work I do lots of other projects.

These are usually created and executed with my partner Leigh, and are usually things we want to try out, do for the sake of doing, or experiment with. They’re neither designed to make money (though they sometimes do), nor to satisfy any brief but our own. They’re also, sometimes, collaborative, and are almost always for the entertainment and engagement of other people.
There are many of these projects, and they're gradually being added to this page.


Where & When: Postal/global, 2015/16

An all-inclusive project based around the release of snow-white 7" record with glow-in-the-dark 45rpm adapter, which came housed in an illustrated, full-colour story book.

The Witches

Where & When: London, Manchester, Hinckley, 2008-2010

What if the Pendle Witches came back? Today?

How would their confessions read...and what would they look like? The Witches was an installation, writing and illustration project incorporating sound, online presence, built pieces, photography and typographic explorations.

Altar Ego Radio

Where & When: Global, 2014-15

Madness. So mad we did it three times - a straight 72-hour uninterrupted radio broadcast on FM and online, with DJS stationed globally, covering all genres and moods, 24/7.

A technical, design, musical and logistical challenge, we loved every exhausting second of it.

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