Radio & Broadcast Work

I love radio as a medium both to listen to and be part of.
With a background in the burgeoning pirate radio scene of the 90s and 00s, DJing, co-ordinating guest artists, recording interviews and of course the creative stuff, I’ve retained a life-long love of the unpredictable journey that is radio, tuning into stations around the world. I remain involved in radio wherever possible, contributing articles and doing interviews as a guest.
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BBC Radio


I’m a regular contributor to BBC Radio Leicester, providing interviews, mini-guest slots on topical, creatively-themed subjects and on weekday shows. You can listen to all my shows at

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Altar Ego Radio

Over four bank holiday sessions in 2014, Altar Ego broadcast both on FM and online for 4 continuous days, playing the gamut of musical genres with a dizzying 24-hour schedule of back-to-back guest DJS. A massive technical and creative group effort, it wasn’t without its challenges and adventures!
We're currently doing a full write-up of this bonkersly ambitious project.

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Pirate Radio

Me, my partner, a school chum and a small team of enthusiastic and dedicated music lovers ran a tiny but far-reaching FM pirate radio station from assorted tower blocks and flats for many years; an unexpected boot camp for myriad practical, organisational, creative and people skills. 
Full story coming.