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If you’re in the USA and would rather talk to my agent about working together, please email Matthew or Karol at Bernstein Andriulli. They’re my New York-based management agency, and they look after my North American and Canadian work.

For enquiries about illustrating children's, young adult and middle grade books, get in touch with my literary agent Megan Carroll at Watson, Little. Megan represents me on a worldwide basis so she will look after you, wherever you are!


I have to be really selective about what personal projects I choose to do (wedding invites, tattoos and so on) because as the old saying doesn’t go, 'The Spirit Is Willing But The Schedule Probably Won’t Allow It’.
Do ask, though; if I can, and I’d like to, I will.


I’ve put together answers here to some of the questions I get asked by email/social media, so check these out before you email. I'll answer any email you send me, but it’ll be when I can fit it in, which might mean you don’t get a reply straight away. I do expect a thank you (you’d be surprised how many don’t say thanks!) and a copy of whatever easy/project I’ve helped contribute to. I’d love to see it.


If you’re thinking of featuring my work (or me and my work) in your magazine or blog, I can oblige! I’m always happy to contribute if I like the publication, whether printed or online. Just contact me direct.


If you just want to feature some of work without interview, please ask before doing so, and always, always credit the work properly. If in doubt, ask. If you need mugshots, you can use any of these - and I can send hi-res should you need them.

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