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Abby Harrison & Sarah J.Coleman

Through lockdowns and beyond, these seven little pen-and-ink characters lived on my desk for nine months of 2020, and take you though Abby 'The Astronaut' Harrison's process of breaking that big, blob-like 'dream' that you have into small, achievable steps, 'til one're THERE. 

"From Astronaut Abby, the dynamic founder of The Mars Generation, comes a book about dreaming big, reaching for the stars, and making a plan for success!
From the age of four, Abigail Harrison knew she wanted to go to space. At age eleven, she sat down and wrote out a plan - not just for how to become an astronaut, but how to be the first astronaut to set foot on Mars. With a degree in biology, internships at NASA, and a national organization founded to help kids reach for the stars themselves, Astronaut Abby is well on her way to achieving her dreams-and she wants to help others do the same!"

Published by Philomel Books, part of Penguin Kids, February 2021, ages 11 and up.

Buy a copy here if you're in the US, and here if you're in the UK.

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