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Take Me With You

Andrea Gibson

Over 80 tiny little illustrations (well, some filled an A3 sheet!) for my friend and colleague Andrea Gibson, poet and author.

"Andrea Gibson explores themes of love, gender, politics, sexuality, family, and forgiveness with stunning imagery and a fierce willingness to delve into the exploration of what it means to heal and to be different in this strange age. Take Me With You, illustrated throughout with evocative line drawings by Sarah J. Coleman, is small enough to fit in your bag, with messages that are big enough to wake even the sleepiest heart. Divided into three sections (Love, The World, and On Becoming) of one liners, couplets, greatest hits phrases, and longer form poems, it has something for everyone, and will be placed in stockings, lockers, and the hands of anyone who could use its wisdom."

Client: Penguin Randomhouse, USA

Buy a copy here (US) and here (UK)

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