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The Inkvent Project

A collaboration with Diamine Inks

The first ever Inkvent Calendar was created in 2019 by Diamine Inks and myself - it had never been done before, and it sold out within a few weeks.

To celebrate the existence of my dream advent calendar that year I created a piece of work every day throughout December, using that day's ink colour.

My rules were:

- One take only - no practising or repeating

- A3 size / Only use the ink provided

- No digital faffing!

The originals were all sold in January with proceeds going to The Trussell Trust, and prints made available.

In 2021, the Inkvent Calendar was produced again with 25 brand new, unique ink colours- and again in 2022. It nos looks set to become an annual feature in the global ink lovers calendar, and I am overjoyed to be at the centre of the action with my ink-wizard colleagues at Diamine!

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Why am I doing it?

The Inkvent Project provides an opportunity to play with ink within a handful of parameters, but with zero attachment to the outcome. I'm doing more than trying out the ink - I'm flying by the seat of my pants, freestyling, making decisions as I go along.

I'm also testing my skills on camera - can I make something legible and aesthetically pleasing with that camera on me, knowing I have to post it whether it works or not?

Additionally, I'm allowing myself the freedom to respond to the day's news or events, vibe or mood - so very little if anything is planned ahead.

Finally, I get to raise some funds for the UK's national food bank organisation, The Trussell Trust.

I'm angry and full of sorrow that people in the 21st century are still unable to feed themselves and their children properly. My contribution will be a drop in the ocean, but I can turn my ink scrawling into meals for fellow humans.