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Pen lovers: send a not-so-secret signal to #YourPeople!

Worn on a work jacket label, studio coat, dress, favourite scribbling jumper or hat, this giant-sized nib, 40mm in length, is a celebration of one of the oldest writing tools: the steel nib.

Hand-drawn with a central calligraphic flourish and made of nickel-plated metal with a hand-applied, glittered grey enamel, this proud stationery lovers' brooch will hint at your hobby, your job or your collection, and draw fellow nib smiths to you like magic. Its design is completed with a little inkwell hole at the top.

Each brooch has the Inkymole logo stamped on the reverse (so you know it's the real deal) and comes on a gold foil printed card.

Sparkling Giant Nib Pin