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All the stationery in my shop is drawn from my own holster! Sharing my illustration toolbox with you, these items are my personal favourites, go-tos for myriad illustration and lettering jobs.


Does the job of several pens!


This  is a 'fudenosuke' or brush pen, and has a tapered rubber tip which can withstand decent pressure as it pushes out a satisfying range of wide-to-fine strokes  but is soft enough to create a wide array of stroke widths.


Pocket brush pens can have rubber, fibre or real or synthetic hair/bristle-based tips, and have a marker pen-style body and ink delivery system. Felt tips tend to be firm, while bristle tips are soft.


Housed in a handsome dark turquoise, silver and copper casing.


Black ink which is touch-dry in a second (no smudging as you practice your kanji).


Designed for one-time use (not refillable).

Currently unavailable in the UK anywhere but here!

Pilot Shunpitsu Quick-Drying Pocket Brush Pen