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My third collaboration with Josh Allen contains 13 more of my black and white illustrations made with ink pencil, collage and pixels, along with hand-drawn chapter headings and a glow-in-the-dark cover!

It's published by Holiday House Books, 20th August 2024, for readers aged 8+. Your hardback copy will be sent as soon as stock is received at the studio sometime in late August through early September, along with the Loot Bag that accompanies every pre-order - a signed, embossed colour print, an enamel pin, a book mark and some stickers. 

A Hallowe'en dress with awful power...a lonely night-time visitor who misses their childhood companion... A camp-out under the stars that someone may come to regret.​A tale of three ghosts that aren't quite what they seem...a bike with a mind of its own...​and maybe DON'T reach for that extra pop tart. These unsettling scenarios and more await inside the black and white pages of ONCE THEY SEE YOU!


Pre-order: 'Once They See You' by Josh Allen & Sarah J. Coleman