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All the stationery in my shop is drawn from my own holster! Sharing my illustration toolbox with you, these items are my personal favourites, go-tos for myriad illustration and lettering jobs.


These phthalate-free PVC see-through erasers will tear down a range of pencil hardnesses from 4B right through to multiple H - and you can see what you're doing while you do it!


In 2 sizes, they'll even make short work of a Hardtmuth Progresso. They're a little less "total annihilation" than the Mount Fuji erasers, but have firm, bendy, precise corners housed in a plastic sleeve to help with grip.


The sleeve boasts of Transparency, Ease of Grip, Erasure (?), Toughness and Flexibility. Choose Small or Large.


Currently the only UK stockist of these very kawaii erasers.

Japanese 'Clear Radar' Erasers

PriceFrom £2.50